This past Friday February 10th, LASO and Sabrosura hosted the bimonthly cena a la seis at La Casa Cultural. The dinner had a great turn out with about sixty undergraduate students and two graduate students coming together to enjoy lomos saltado. Lomos Saltado is a Peruvian entree that has Asian influences (chifa) consisting of strips of sirloin marinated in vinegar, soy sauce and spices, then stir fried with red onions, parsley and tomatoes. Served traditionally over white rice with french fries. After dinner, we all had tons of fun playing musical chairs. One student facetiously remarked, “This is where true personalities really come out!”

With great people and amazing Latin cuisine, there is no reason not to attend! Come join the entire La Casa family next Friday February 24th for a delicious dinner hosted by Oye and Cause. Arrive promptly at 6 to ensure you get your portion of the scrumptious meal ordered from local restaurants! Please RSVP to if you plan to attend.

Friday, November 11 saw the return of Cena a las 6 to La Casa, and, with it, incredible fun! (Not to mention incredible eats.) ¡Teatro! and MAS Familias collaborated to throw a fantastic event, complete with a delicious dinner and specially crafted homemade cookies! The cookies were a particularly exciting addition to Cena, as they had been carefully shaped by the members of MAS and Teatro in various shapes — including delectable integral signs, tasty p-orbitals, delightful pendulums, and, of course, scrumptious super novae. Judging from the swiftness that the cookies were consumed, Cena this time was a smashing success!

In Mexico and many other countries, Dia de los Muertos is celebrated on November 1-2, a holiday where family and friends gather together to remember departed loved ones. A common tradition is to build altars honoring the deceased. These altars normally include photos of the dead along with their favorite foods and drinks. Other traditional items are also placed on the altar, including sugar skulls, marigolds, and pan de muerto. An important aspect of the altar is the representation of the four elements: water, earth, fire and air. A glass of water represents water while salt and fruit represent the earth. Candles are included for fire and papel picado, for the way it moves in the wind, represents air. Another common tradition is to visit the graves of the dead and leave behind ofrendas or offerings. These also include favorite foods and drinks as well as toys for children and alcohol for adults.

On November 4, La Casa had a Dia de los Muertos themed Cena a las Seis co-hosted by Ballet Folklorico and MEChA de Yale. This year, we dedicated the Cena to the victims of 9/11, commemorating the tenth anniversary of the attacks. Freshmen are normally in charge of coordinating this particular Cena and we built and decorated an altar that was displayed in the kitchen during the dinner and in the weeks thereafter while the gallery was also decorated with papel picado. We spent a lot of time together working on this project. We had several meetings deciding how we should decorate the altar, who would get what, and what food we should get for the Cena. It was a time consuming process that culminated with around 90 people showing up for the Cena. While we did eventually run out of food and had to order pizzas, it was still a huge success that allowed us to participate in an important cultural tradition that many of us never participated in before. It was a unique experience working on this Cena and we are proud of the final product.

Another Cena!

Hey Everyone!!

Greetings from Despierta Boricua and Por Colombia! This past November 21st was our turn to host Cena a las Seis at Yale’s La Casa and it was, to say the least, a tremendous success. We gathered supplies to bake a delicious flan the day before the dinner in order to have sweet surprise for everyone. Little did we know that it would prove more challenging than we thought. Nevertheless we succeeded in baking the flan and, according to the grand majority, it was sweeter than the gods’ own nectars. During our Cena a las Seis we played a Puerto Rico-Columbia trivia game in which we gave a piece of paper to each participating table and proceeded to quiz everyone of fun facts about each other’s countries. The winning table had the opportunity to eat flan before the other tables. Luckily there was enough to go around for everyone and even for seconds.

We are happy to report that close to 60 people were present at Cena a las Seis on November 21st. It was very successful and no food went to waste. Although we would have loved to see more graduate students, a large number of undergraduates came and enjoyed good Puerto Rican and Columbian delicacies. We thank La Casa and its staff for allowing us to host Cena a las Seis and look forward to another opportunity in the future!



On March 25h, the La Casa Staff and Peer Liaisons sponsored a Cena a las 6, bringing together members from the community for a family-style dinner. Students were treated to delicious food from two local restaurants, “El Restaurante Salvadoreño” and “Fresh Taco.” If you want some delicious food, and some even better company, be sure to make it out to our next Cena a las 6 in April ! 

 "This week’s Cena a Las Seis was co-hosted by Sabrosura and CAUSA (Cuban American Undergraduate Student Association). The dinner was catered by La Cascada in New Haven and featured pollo con vegetales en salsa, frijoles con chicharron, maduros con queso, tres leches, and 50 empanadas pequeñas. (YUM!!) After enjoying this delicious dinner the groups introduced themselves and started their activity. The Cuban Salsa Rueda turned out to be the perfect activity as it is widely danced in Cuban culture and part of Sabrosura’s dance repertoire. A group of volunteers had fun learning a few basic salsa steps.”

Alma Zepeda, ES ‘11 — Sabrosura’s Artistic Director

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, ¡Oye! and VSOY (Venezuelan Student Organization at Yale) hosted a love-themed Cena a las 6. After enjoying a delicious meal catered from a local Colombian restaurant, students heard ¡Oye’s! president, Rico Bautista, recite a passionate poem about a certain special someone. The attendees were further exposed to the art of spoken word in that they were given the opportunity to write and the recite a short poem of their own. At the end, students were treated to delicious, gooey home-baked chocolate chip cookies. 

Teatro and Sabrosura will be hosting Cena a las 6 this upcoming Friday. So if you’re in the mood for some delicious food and some even better company, be sure to stop by!